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Studio Kat: For An Artist…By An Artist

Why Studio Kat?


Studio Kat was founded to provide women an opportunity to polish their look, no matter their age or life’s circumstances. Each lash can be tailored to create a special look to suit every woman’s style without compromising natural lash growth.


Lashes: Studio Kat lash extensions are made from silk and vary from 8 to 15 mm and .5 to .25 in diameter. Choose from thin to voluminous sizes to create a wispy, natural look or fluffy dramatic look. All lashes are customizable.

Prep Solution (Champagne + Cocaine): Made with rose water for rehydration and biotin to promote lash growth, Studio Kat Prep Solution removes dirt and oil from eyes prior to lash extension application.

Lint-Free Eye Pads: Studio Kat Lint-Free Eye Pads are used to separate the upper and lower lashes during application. Each pad is made with a cooling gel for comfort.

Tweezers: All stainless steel Studio Kat tweezers comes in bent, straight and angular for classic or volume application. Tweezers are autoclavable or easily disinfected with medical-grade disinfectant solution.

Adhesive: Studio Kat Adhesive is noir, dries in two seconds and has a flexible consistency. Wearing power is up to 4 weeks with proper application and client care. For artists only, adhesive pairs well with Studio Kat Lashes.

Remover: Safely and quickly removes lash extensions without damage to natural lashes.

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