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Permanent Makeup Training - Dallas Skin Institute

This six-day Permanent Makeup Training workshop at the Dallas Skin Institute will teach you the fundamentals of permanent cosmetics. New students learn all that’s needed to start a career in the profitable industry of permanent makeup. Gain hands-on  practice with live models and practice skin. You’ll learn guidelines for sanitization, effective anesthetic techniques, intricacies of eyebrow shaping and coloring, the finer points of eyeliner application, solving lip shape concerns, color theory and pigment usage, and color mixing.


  • How to assemble and disassemble your permanent cosmetics machine
  • Proper needle selection
  • How to numb the areas for your client’s comfort
  • Proper color selection
  • Rules & Regulations from the Texas Department of State Health Services
  • Permanent Brows, Eyes, and Lips

During your Permanent Makeup training we will provide hands-on training that enable you to master the skills necessary to offer services to your clients.  After completing the Permanent Cosmetics Training Course, you will receive Intra-dermal Technician Certification and you will have a state-of-the-art, permanent cosmetics machine and pigments so that you’re ready to immediately start offering services to your clients.

Upon successful completion of the Permanent Makeup Training course, you will receive a certificate in the above described procedures and will be able to apply the gained knowledge and experience immediately.


Permanent Makeup Training Course Outline

We provide the basic tools during your training and following for both practice and client services/application.

This Permanent Makeup Training Course is designed to ensure that graduates have the following abilities to focus on mastering color theory and technique in the following:

The educational objectives of the Permanent Makeup Class:

Lab A

  1. Intro to Permanent Makeup
  2. 3D Eyeliner
  3. 3D Lip-liner
  4. Full Lip Color
  5. 3D Eyebrows
  6. Areola/Nipple Pigmentation
  7. Scalp Micropigmentation

 Lab B

  1. Skin Anatomy and Tones
  2. Color Theory and Pigment Selection

 Lab C

  1. Health and Safety
  2. Consultation and Record Keeping
  3. Anesthetics
  4. Proper Needle Selection
  5. Starting Your Business

To ensure proper training success we require that the student works on a live model to simulate real-life client interaction and procedure protocol. You will engage in the following:

Lab D

  1. Live model demonstrations of Permanent Cosmetics by the student (under guided supervision)

 Your Student Kit Includes:

  • 2 Microblade Hand-tool
  • 27 Brow Pigments
  • 27 Lip Pigments
  • 27 Eyeliner Pigments
  • 1 Deluxe Rotary Machine with Foot Pedal + Assortment of Needles
  • Permanent Makeup Book
  • Ring Holder
  • Color Fusion Lip Color
  • 1 Container of Anesthetic
  • Color Wheel
  • 1 Bag Pigment Rings/Cups
  • Professional Carrying Case
  • 35 Blades
  • 10 Bacitracin (for client post-care treatment)
  • Student Guide
  • 1 Page of Synthetic Skin
  • 2 Practice Breast Skin
  • 1 Practice Face Skin
  • Brow Mapping Stickers
  • 1 Caliber for Brow Mapping
  • 1 Brow Pencil
  • Primary Colors (for color mixing)
  • VeraGel (for client post-care treatment)
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